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Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Finedon

  Church Hill, Finedon, Northamptonshire, NN9 5NR, England |

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Fr. Richard ColesOn behalf of the whole parish of Finedon may I invite you most warmly to step over our virtual threshold. You will find within our contact details and details also of forthcoming services and events here at St Mary’s. We are, of course, the parish church not only for the those who worship here but for everyone in Finedon, and the social calendar is almost as busy as the ecclesiastical calendar. Whatever you seek – friendship, community, something to challenge and stretch you, something to give you comfort and peace, the love of Jesus Christ, or simply the satisfaction of curiosity – you are most welcome to step over our real threshold too and see what we have to offer.


Yours in Christ, Fr Richard.

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, is a mid-14th-century church with an aisled and cloistered nave of four bays. St. Mary’s is, by hundreds of years, older than any other building in Finedon, bearing in mind Finedon’s apparent importance, as old as it is, this present church of ours is not Finedon’s first. The ironstone gravestone that now stands near the font, which bears a carving of a cross within a circled, is thought by some to be Saxon, therefore it seems probable that there was a Saxon church here.

St. Mary’s Location

Events @ St. Mary’s

Churches together Scarecrow Festival

St. Mary’s Curch & The Weslyan Chapel

23rd. 24th. June

Organ Recital

by William Whitehead

7th. July @ 4:00 pm.

St. Mary’s Flower Festival

15th. 16th. September

May/June/ July Services

Each Sunday

8:00a.m. Holy Eucharist

9:30a.m. Parish Eucharist

Wednesday May 23rd.


7pm.  Taize Service

Sunday June 3rd.


6:00 p.m. Evensong

Sunday July 1st.


6:00 p.m. Evensong

From The Vicarage May 2018

I had a friend forty years ago who once said as May arrived, “if the garden grew at the rate it grows this month all year round it would be a JUNGLE out there.” I don’t know why, but I still hear him saying it in my mind this time each year. I love May: the winter is past, the garden and the hedgerows and the fields are bursting into life, the thermometer is rising (and haven’t we waited ages for that), the birds are singing, and the juvenile long tailed tits who fly unsteadily just outside my study window are getting bigger and more stable – the power of life renewed is all around us.

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From the Vicarage, May 2018.
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Scarecrow Festival
Christian Aid Week 13th-19th May
British Legion Event in May
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May / June 2018 events

Our Worship in May Year B
Taizé Service
Lyra Vocal Ensemble from St Petersburg return to Finedon
Crowning of the May Queen and Christian Aid Lunch
British Legion Event in June
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Town Diary

From the Registers
Reordering of the Church
Mothers Union
May Day Celebrations
St Mary’s Thursday Club
Finedon Over 60’s

St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
A Taizé service for Pentecost. This Wednesday at 7pm at St Mary's, Finedon. All welcome (lasts around 40 mins).
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St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
Notification: Parish Eucharist. @ Sun 27 May 2018 9:30am (BST) (Church Dates) more details » Parish Eucharist.…
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St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
Notification: Holy Eucharist @ Sun 27 May 2018 8am (BST) (Church Dates) more details » Holy Eucharist When Su…
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St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
Notification: Taize Service @ Wed 23 May 7pm - Thu 24 May 2018 7:45am (BST) (Church Dates) more details » Taize…
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Jonathan Harris

St. Mary’s

Rev. Richard Coles

St. Mary’s

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Fr.Richard Feb15S
On behalf of the whole parish of Finedon, I invite you most warmly to stepover our virtual threshold.You will find within contact details, forthcoming services & events at St Mary’s.