St. Mary’s Church | Finedon

Join us for Holy Communion each Sunday at 8:00 and 9:30am.

Celtic Mass and Taize Service |  First Monday of the month

Alternate Months | Dec. 2nd Celtic Mass | Jan. 6th. Taize Service Etc. More>>

Advent Carol

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St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
Today is the Induction of @RevRichardColes as the Vicar of Finedon. We welcome the Assistant Bishop of Peterborough to lead the service.
h J R
St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
RT @hjonathan83: Tomorrow's anthem...
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St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
(December 2nd Celtic Mass, January 6th Taize service, February 3rd Celtic Mass etc.)
h J R
St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
First Wednesday of every month at 7pm at St Marys Celtic Mass and Taize service on alternate months.
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St. Marys Church Finedon @stmarysfinedon
Ad Parnassum presents: a Concert performed by L’OFFERTA MUSICALE di Venezia @ St Marys Finedon Tuesday November 3rd. @ 7 PM.
h J R
Fr.Richard Feb15S
On behalf of the whole parish of Finedon, I invite you most warmly to stepover our virtual threshold.You will find within contact details, forthcoming services & events at St Mary’s.