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Please contact the Webmaster for website issues only, select “Webmaster” from the contact list on the right.

All other contact should be made to the appropriate contact from the list below.

Assistant Honorary Priest

Fr Peter Baden,

Phone; 01832 733186

email: Select ” Fr. Peter” on Contact Form


Mr. Bryan Chapman

Phone 01933 398818

email: Select ” Choir Master” on Contact Form

Church Wardens

Mrs Jane Read

Phone 01933 680522

Mr Neil Forster

Phone 01933  682177

email: Select ” Wardens” on Contact Form

Deputy Organist

Mrs. Kathy Roberts

Mr Oliver Grigg

email: Select “Music” on Contact Form

Director Of Music

Mr Jonathan Harris

Phone  01933 779059

Mobile 07791 664507

email: Select “Music” on Contact Form

Magazine Editor

Mrs Janet Millington

Phone 01933 681161.

email: select “Magazine Editor” on contact form

(to whom all copy should addressed by the 15th of the month prior to publication)

Parish Clerk

Mrs Gill Foster

Phone 01933-680364

(To whom first contact for Baptisms and weddings must be made).

email: Select “Parish Clerk”  on contact form

PCC Secretary

Mrs Gill Foster

Phone 01933-680364

email: Select “PCC Secretary”  on contact form

St Michael's Mission Room

Bryan & Christine Chapman

Phone  01933 398818

email: Select “Mission Room” on contact form

Tower Captain

Mr Bryan Chapman

Phone 01933 398818

Web Site

email: Select ” Tower” on contact form


Mr Andrew Weatherill

Phone 01933 682212

email: Select ” Treasurer” on contact form

The Vicar

The Revd Richard Coles

St Mary the Virgin Finedon,

The Vicarage,

Church Hill,




Phone; 01933 681 786,

Mobile; 07885 967 960

email: Select ” Fr. Richard” on the contact form

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